They say the good son always comes back home.

Look at coffee. It now returns to its former home, now even more special.

The Coffee Valley, where the coffee culture in the Empire of Brazil was born, welcomes back its good son with arms wide open, and celebrates the resumption of its origins with a tasty journey through history: the Imperial Coffee Route. The initiative is a result of the joint forces of SEBRAE and the owners of the farms Alliança, Florença, Taquara, União and Aroeira. Together they are reintroducing and promoting the specialty coffee of the region.

By venturing along the route, visitors have the opportunity to savor different coffees at each farm.

The Imperial Coffee Route charms with its stunning landscapes and paths that lead to a true journey to the past. Discovering the route is a unique opportunity to experience a special moment in our history that combines excellent cuisine, bucolic nature and imposing architecture.

The Coffee Valley

In the early nineteenth century, the Paraíba Valley in Rio de Janeiro saw one of the most important economic cycles in the history of the Empire of Brazil: the dawning of the coffee cycle. The golden coffee period, however, occurred in the second half of that century, when the country was responsible for producing 75% of the coffee consumed worldwide.

The coffee money made it possible to invest in the most varied infrastructures that Brazil implemented during that time, but most of all, made way to true “rural mansions” in the historic farms built by the nobles who settled there.


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