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Learn a little about each of the farms and properties of the Imperial Coffee Route.

Alliança Agroecological Farm

The Alliance Agroecological Farm is open for visitation and lodging for closed groups. The visitor/guest, surrounded by preserved nature, will live a rural experience with a 19th century architecture and the comfort of the 21st century.

Alliança is a historic but productive farm with organic production certification by IBD. The concepts of agroecology are on everything the farm produces, especially buffalo milk, vegetables, fruits and unconventional food plants (UFPs), among others.

Tasting “gastronomy of origin” and ending with an unparalleled specialty organic coffee makes the stay at Alliança Farm a unique and unforgettable experience.

The farm's motto, “Learn from the past, experience the present and build the future” refers to its sustainability DNA, and parallels its historical past, its active present and a promising future.

In 2007, Alliança begins a new era. With its new owners, the concept of sustainability, environmental and historical preservation guides the farm. Alliança also undergoes a major renovation designed by an architect, the owner herself. The farm preserved its beautiful architectural ensemble, consisting of the mansion, barn and an original coffee circuit, a real rarity.

Alliança keeps the vocation of coffee cultivation alive and even today there are many coffee trees from the earlier days when people used the coffee circuit. Precisely because of this, it is in perfect conditions. This coffee circuit, made of stone, was used for the transportation and separation of beans, using piped water that directed them to the yards for drying. Once dried, the beans were peeled, sorted and stored in the barn, where it is still possible to find part of the old machinery.

A new coffee plantation began in 2017 and today covers an area of 2.1 hectares. More than 9,000 seedlings of the Catuaí varieties were planted in this area and in the Varietal Garden, 350 seedlings of the Obatá, Arara, Conilon, Catucaí, Catiguá and IAC125 varieties.




• Historical and agroecological guided tours;
• Hosting for closed groups with custom schedules;
• Rural experience;
• Original coffee circuit;
• Walking and cycling in the preserved nature;
• Baths in the lakes;
• 25 meter swimming pool and wet sauna;
• Rental for various events;
• Gastronomy of origin;
• Own production of food with organic certification by IBD;
• Tourism experience;
• Original circuit and complete coffee process.

Alliança Agroecological Farm

Estrada RJ 145, Barra do Piraí/Valença,
km 10, Barra do Piraí – RJ
+55 (21) 2266-0567
+55 (21) 97034-2948 WhatsApp
+55 (21) 99321-1646 WhatsApp

Florença Farm

Tradition is the word that defines Florença Farm. Tradition in coffee plantation, as once it was one of the most productive properties in the region; tradition in preserving its neoclassical architecture; tradition in reviving historical and musical theatrical soirées and religious festivals like the Epiphany. Tradition in each of the dozens of relics dating back to the time of the empire, exposed in the mansion, founded in 1852 by the Portuguese clan of Teixeira Leite.

In order to restore the tradition of coffee production, the owner of Florença Farm, Paulo Roberto Santos, planted 22,000 seedlings of Arabica coffee. In addition, the property has a 600-foot Varietal Garden, divided into eight coffee varieties such as Typica – the first species grown on Brazilian soil – Red Bourbon, Sumatra, Conilon, Robusta, among others. The owner recently opened a concept cafeteria in the middle of the plantation. The purpose of the farm is to allow tourists to immerse themselves in the coffee production process, through guided tours of the plantation, the processing areas, ending at the cafeteria to live an olfactory and tasting experience.

All these traditions kept alive by the Florença Farm are open to visitors and tourists staying at their farm hotel, with the structure of a conventional rural mini resort, but which has rural tourism as its differential.

Everything is carefully prepared to welcome families and lovers of nature and of the history of Brazil Empire with comfort. To make the experience complete, the owner rescued the gastronomy of the imperial period, offering dishes prepared with organic food produced at the farm and served in the restaurant, bars and bistros of the rural tourist complex.




  • Guided visitation to the Historic House of the Florença Farm Hotel;
  • The house is from the XIX century of the Imperial Coffee Cycle, it contains a collection of furniture and objects (utilities), originals from the Imperial Coffee Cycle era.
  • The guided tour of the coffee plantation includes the cultivation area and finishes at the cafeteria built in the middle of the plantation, with a tasting of our specialty coffee.
  • Including activities also for the children:
    • Learning and interacting with animals at Fazendinha (a little farm);
    • Recreation in the swimming pool, game room and carriage rides (extra fee);
    • Sports activities, such as soccer, volleyball and tennis;
    • Toyland and drawing workshops, cheese and crackers;
    • Pedagogical tourism for schools.
  • Florença Farm services that can be hired for groups, options for those who are not registered guests:
    • Guided visitation to the Historic House of the Florença Farm Hotel;
    • Historical and Musical Theatrical Soirée;
    • Guided visitation to the coffee plantation;
    • Colonial coffee;
    • Imperial dinner;
    • Lunch;
    • Dinner.
  • Rental for events such as weddings, baptisms, recitals and others.


Estrada da Cachoeira, 1.560,
Conservatória, Valença – RJ
+55 (24) 2438-0124 / +55 (24) 2438-1195

Taquara’s Farm

Another remaining jewel of the Empire era is Taquara’s Farm, one of the few remaining in the hands of the founder's family. Commander João Pereira da Silva founded Taquara in 1830, and today his direct descendant, Marcelo Streva, on the sixth generation, runs the farm.

The mansion preserves the same characteristics of its foundation, which was influenced by the colonial architecture of Minas Gerais and the Neoclassical. It has beautiful external and internal gardens, original collection of photos, documents and an important preserved furniture, remnant of the founder's family.

The descendant himself guides the visitation, explaining the history of his family and of the coffee barons, leading visitors through the rooms of the mansion and showing its entire collection. The farm also offers a visit to the coffee processing area, since it produces its own coffee. The visit ends at a very charming cafeteria where the visitor can taste delicious specialty coffees and delicacies made on the property.

Visits can include breakfast, typical lunch prepared on wood-fired oven or an afternoon snack, served in the basement of the big house, to the piano played by the host himself, for groups by appointment.

In the basement is also the Comendador Emporium, with handicrafts and farm products, such as coffee liqueur, coffee bonbon, coffee cookie, coffee jelly, coffee candy, assorted sweets, artisanal cachaça, guava cheese, Minas cheese, butter and the specialty coffee from Taquara’s Farm.

The property, which is located practically in the urban area of Barra do Piraí, is also in great demand for events such as weddings, birthdays, lectures and others.




  • Guided tour of the historical mansion;
  • Guided tour of the coffee plantation and all stages of the processing of specialty coffees, with tasting at the farm cafeteria;
  • Restaurant with farm typical food made in the wood-fired oven.


Estrada Barra do Piraí/Valença - RJ 145 Km 2, Barra do Piraí/RJ.
Telefone: +55 (24) 2443-3104 / +55 (24) 99919-8567

União Farm

An exemplary rural property of the coffee cycle, União Farm is one of the most preserved sets of mansions of the Empire of Brazil. Its sumptuous mansion of over a 1,000 m², dating from 1836, was built by Domingos Custódio Guimarães, the Viscount of Rio Preto, one of the empire's richest nobles who made his fortune with gold and later with coffee.

Throughout its history, União Farm had several owners, until Mário Vasconcellos Fernandes acquired it. He promoted a complex revitalization of the mansion, built annexes with the original architecture and materials such as tiles, floors, doors and others, selected from centenarian farms of the region.

Today, the property functions as a refine farm hotel, which is even part of the Roteiros de Charme Hotel Association, a selection of great elegant hotels. União Farm is one of the few farms in the region to host tourists inside the main house, providing an unforgettable experience with furniture, paintings and other collector's objects all original from the period. The surroundings of the mansion are also delightful, with beautiful gardens and lakes, all designed in order to preserve the centenary trees. The museum of sacred art and the Baroque styled chapel are mandatory stops, with its recovered pieces from local farms and antique dealers from Brazil and around the world.

União also recovered coffee cultivation in order to keep the valley tradition alive. Its first commercial crop has about 7,000 feet of Catuaí 144 variety. By the end of 2018 its owner will set up a Varietal Garden with new varieties. Visits to the coffee plantation and processing areas provide a complete experience for guests and visitors, who end up savoring the drink at an emporium furnished and decorated as in the 19th century.




  • Guided tour of the historical mansion;
  • Theatrical performances and activities such as capoeira, jongo and lundu;
  • Tennis and volleyball courts, mini golf and quad biking;
  • Horseback riding, horse and buggy rides, eco fishing;
  • Pools, saunas and spa;
  • Restaurants, cafes, wine cellar and beauty salon.


Estrada do Abarracamento (RJ - 135), Km 25, Abarracamento, Rio das Flores - RJ
Telefone: +55 (24) 2458-1701 / +55 (24) 99915-1210

Aroeira Reserve

Aroeira Reserve is the perfect destination for those who wish to escape the urban routine and enjoy direct contact with nature, with great comfort and the finest dining experiences. The luxury cottages comfortably decorated and overlooking the lake on the edge of the inn connect to the restaurant, offering à la carte service focused on contemporary regional cuisine.

The coffee savored at the restaurant comes from the 3,000-foot IPR 100 variety grown on the property. Guests can visit the plantation – which revived the tradition in the Coffee Valley – and understand the cultivation process a little better. Finally, they can relish the aroma and taste of the beverage at a concept cafeteria, along with other agro-ecological products made in the region.

On the property, it is also possible to hike in the middle of the Atlantic Forest that lead to the Saint Robert Farm Hotel, a group enterprise that offers various attractions such as a water park with several tree-climbing circuits, zip lines, kayaks and obstacle courses, as well as swimming pools, sports courts, restaurants, bars and playgrounds. There is also their great differential: a mini farm full of animals such as buffalos, cows and horses, rabbits and chickens, where children can interact with nature and country life whereas monitored by skilled professionals.




  • Nature walks and adventures;
  • Sports activities such as tennis, soccer, mini golf, volleyball, water polo;
  • Cinema and games with a big recreation team;
  • Water park with zip lines, cableway, trampoline, kayaks and a waterslide;
  • Mini farm with several animals and organic garden;
  • School Day Use, with native seedling planting and personalized recreation;
  • Cuisine with the true taste of the farm;
  • Fine dining at the Aroeira Reserve Restaurant.


Estrada Sanatório da Serra, s/n, Piraí - RJ
+55 (21) 3597-7299 • +55 (21) 3597-7281

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